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The third instalment in "Ministry of Sound's" #1 fitness DVD series, "Pump It Up Hi-Energy" features a Warm It Up section, a "Burn It Up" high impact dance-aerobics section, an extended Tone It Up bums, turns and thighs section and a "Cool It Down" section all professionally programmed by award winning fitness instructor, Agata Pienio. Dance Yourself Fit! The workout also features a bonus "Dance It Up" section put together by Sean G.Huston, the choreographer behind the critically acclaimed "Call on Me" video, for those of you looking for that extra challenge! Shot at the legendary Ministry of Sound and set to an exclusive soundtrack of 15 explosive club hits, 'Pump It Up' gives you a fun yet effective way to dance yourself fit - hi-energy! Exclusive 15 Track Mix! Featuring hits from: D.O.N.S. Feat. Technotronic; DHT; Axwell; Tom Novy; Stunt; Joey Negro plus exclusive Pump It Up! Ringtones. +5

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