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In 1980, during the production of his seminal hip-hop film "Wild Style", acclaimed director Charlie Ahearn moved his young family into a loft off Times Square with a direct view into the dark raw heart of a desperate city. While there he compiled a video journal of the wild street action and relentless violence that took place just outside his windows. "Doin Time In Times Square" is Charlie Ahearn's "home" movie that captures the old capital of sleaze in all its pathetic and pre-Giuliani glory, during a period of unbridled tension, when Times Square was a strange mixture of lowbrow adult sideshows, arcades, poverty, hookers, and yes, even highbrow theatre a block away. Awakened nightly by howling from the street, Ahearn was always ready with his video camera to shoot, among other things, streetwalkers plying their trade, heated domestic arguments and transvestites throwing garbage cans at cops in front of the infamous Sally's Hideaway. +5

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