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Год 1956 +1
Страна СССР +1
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Dance of the tartars: from Asafiev's The Fountain of Bakhchisaray Spanish dance: from Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake Spring waters: after Rachmaninov's song from op. 14 Polonaise and cracovienne: fram Giinka`s A life for the tsar Walpurgisnacht: fromGounod`s faust The dying swan: after Saint - Saens' The Carnival of Animals Paul Czinner's Osear - nominated film, indispensable for ballet lovers, records the Bolshoi's 1956 London visit -featuring the legendary Galina Uianova as Giselle and the "Dying Swan". In Dance Magazine, critic Clive Barnes eulogized the artistry documented here: "Everything the Russian critics have written about her is true. The impeccable technique, the expressive body, the intellect, the informed face; yet Uianova has something criticism could never define, something you might look for in Shakespeare's sonnets." +5

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